Day 01. Welcome to Loserville.

Day 01. Welcome to Loserville.

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So the day I’ve long looked forward to – and simultaneously dreading – is at last upon me. I am no longer a carpenter, no longer employed by any reasonable definition of the word. Aside from a few freelance clients/jobs, I have few income-producing opportunities currently on my plate.

I’ve got plenty of ideas, of course, and time will render a true verdict on how these pan out.

Today isn’t the day to pursue those (although I’ll strongly caution myself and write a stern note that this mindset should not become the norm). Today is a day to catch up on chores and tasks long-ignored due to my erstwhile employment situation. Too many things have gone ignored for far too long, and the calendar (and it’s attendant weather patterns), are bearing down quite hard on me. It’s a great time to rejuvenate myself with my OWN work – for a change – and remove those sources of stress.

There are fences to mend and household chores to see to.

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